• For the best experience, connect with a laptop/desktop and use Chrome browser
  • Your internet connexion should be stable with necessary bandwidth to watch video (to avoid video lag)

  • I click on the « Access Streaming» but I am back at the main page

You have to login with your email and password created during registration. If you are not logged in you will not be able to access the live

  • I don’t see the « Access Streaming » button

You might be connected too early, « Access Stream » button will only be visible and available few minutes before session start.

You can refresh the page to see if the button appear

  • I can’t hear the speakers / I have no sound

Make sure audio of your computer is on. Or check the volume which might be low

  • I don’t see video 

Check you are on the right website (https://easl2021generalassembly.eu/) and that you have logged in with your credentials created when registering for the General Assembly.

Once logged in you need to click on « access streaming » to see the live video

Access stream button will only appear / be activated slightly before General Assembly starts

  • I cannot login

If you forgot your password, follow the steps on the login page by clicking “password forgotten”.

Or make sure you are on the https://easl2021generalassembly.eu/ website (not EASL general website). 

  • I cannot see Voting

If you do not see the voting, it means you are not authorize to vote during the General Assembly.

  • Voting

It is important to click “submit” to send the voting answer, otherwise your vote is not counted/sent. Once submitted, vote cannot be changed even if vote is still “live”/open. Till you have not submitted your vote, you can change your vote (if vote question is still open)